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Hiberno-Norse Silver Penny (c.1015-1035AD) Spink 6125, Phase II - Long Cross Type Later Variant. Crude style with blundered Legends. Bold portrait, rev dark but clearer in hand. (HHC4827) Irish Viking Coin Good Fine+ ___ £265.00
St Edmund Viking Penny (c.885-915AD) Spink 961, Danish East Anglia - Memorial Coinage of St Edmund. Bold detail with a attractive tone, slight wave in flan. (HHC4829) Viking Silver Coin Very Fine+ ___ £495.00
St Peter Viking Penny (c.905-915AD) Spink 1006, Viking York, Bold detail with a dark tone, one edge nibbled. (HHC4830) Viking Silver Coin Very Fine ___ £585.00
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