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Charles I Turner / Twopence (c.1632-1639) Spink 5598b, Stirling Coinage, Good, clear detail with a nice even green patina. (HHC4174) Scottish Coin Good Fine+ ___ £45.00
William The Lion Cut Halfpenny (c.1205-1230AD) Spink 5029, Good portrait, weak legends. (HHC4340) Scottish Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £30.00
Charles I 20 Pence (c.1637-1642AD) Spink 5589, Falconers 2nd Issue type IV, Worm and scratched. (HHC4462) Scottish Silver Coin Fine ___ £36.00
Charles I Two Shillings (c.1642AD) Spink 5593, 4th Coinage, Clear detail with some wear. (HHC4887) Scottish Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £75.00
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