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Edward IV Penny (c.1472-1478) Spink 6365, Dublin Mint, Light "Cross & Pellets" Type, Bold detail, weakly struck in part, attractive tone. (HHC3179) Irish Coin Good Fine+ ___ £36.00
Charles I Shilling (c.1643-1644) Spink 6546, Ormonde Emergency Coinage, Worn with main details visible, plugged. (HHC3256) Fair ___ £160.00
Henry III Irish VLC Penny (c.1216-1276) Spink 6235, Dublin 1A, Moneyer Davi at Dublin Mint, Worn with most points clear. (HHC3669) Irish Coin Fine ___ £85.00
Edward IV Halfpenny (c.1472-1478) Spink 6365, Light Coinage, Dublin Mint, Good portrait, edge a little chipped. (HHC3739) Irish Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £32.00
Henry VII Irish Groat (c.1496-1505AD) Spink 6453, Dublin Type I - Small Head Type, Good detail, worn in parts and pierced. Rare. (HHC3993) Irish Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £165.00
John Irish Farthing (c.1207-1211AD) Spink 6234, 3rd 'REX' Coinage, Irish issue, WIL/LEM/OND - Moneyer Willem at Dublin Mint, clear detail. Rare. (HHC4059) Irish Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £550.00
John Irish Penny RESERVED (c.1207-1211AD) Spink 6229, 3rd REX Coinage, WILLEM ON LI - Moneyer Willem at Limerick Mint, Good detail with a dark tone, some wear. Very Rare. (HHC4092) Irish Silver Coin SOLD ___ £340.00
John Irish Penny (c.1207-1211AD) Spink 6228, 3rd Coinage, Moneyer Roberd at Dublin Mint, Good portrait with a dark tone. (HHC4200) Irish Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £125.00
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