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Henry VII Sovereign Penny (c.1490-1496) Contemporary Forgery of Spink 2238, Sovereign type penny of York, crude detail and blundered legends in good silver. Bold detail and a nice tone. (HHC2207) Contemporary Forgery Good Fine+ ___ £85.00
Henry III VLC Cut Halfpenny (c.1247) A contemporary copy of a Class 1a Voided Long Cross Cut Halfpenny, Spink 1358. A very rare copy of a rare class. Bold detail with a dark tone, in good silver. (HHC2224) Very Fine ___ £95.00
Edward III Penny (c.1351-1361) Contemporary imitation of a Edward III Pre-Treaty Penny, in good silver, nice portrait with a dark tone. Clipped. (HHC2679) Good Fine+ ___ £55.00
John II of Avesnes Stirling Crockard (c.1290AD) Mayhew 24 - Valenciennes Mint, Bold legends with an attractive tone, portrait weakly struck. (HHC4125) Continental Coin Good Fine+ ___ £45.00
John the Blind Stirling Crockard (c.1320-1330AD) Mayhew 265a-I, Luxembourg Mint, Scarce, worn with some detail. (HHC4201) Continental Silver Coin Fine ___ £35.00
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