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Trinovantes Celtic Gold Stater (c.45-50BC) Late Whoddan Chase Type, Very bold detail from being well struck on a thick gold flan. (HHC2596) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine ___ £495.00
Trinovantes Gold Quarter Stater (c.45-25 B.C) ABC 2520, Addedomaros X-box Type - Very Rare, Bold detail, chipped. (HHC3417) Celtic Gold Coin Good Fine+ ___ £195.00
Iceni Gold Quarter Stater (c.0-50AD) Spink 430, Irstead Type, Good detail, struck off centre. (HHC3775) Celtic Gold Coin Good Fine+ ___ £185.00
Belgae Gold Quarter Stater (c.0-50AD) ABC 767, Hampshire Thunderbolt Type, Bold detail with a dark colouring. (HHC3789) Celtic Gold Coin Good Fine+ ___ £240.00
Catuvellauni Celtic Gold Stater (c.8-41AD) Spink 287, ABC 2789, Cunobelinus Plastic Type B, Corn ear without central stalk, Horse with pellet above and below. Possibly B in front of horse off flan but with 2 pallets is likely. Bold detail an attractive colour. (HHC3946) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine+ ___ £1295.00
Trinovantes Gold Quarter Stater (c.50BC) ABC 2350, Clacton de Jersey Type, Clear detail. (HHC4164) Celtic Gold Coin Good Fine+ ___ £385.00
Gallo-Belgic Gold Quarter Stater (c.200-100BC) Spink 10, ABC 43 - Uniface Tree Type, Bold detail on a elongated irregular flan. Showing a lot more detail than usual. (HHC4529) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine ___ £265.00
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