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Henry VIII Halfpenny (c.1526-1544) Spink 2358, 2nd Coinage, Canterbury Mint, TC beside bust, clear portrait, legends weak in part. (HHC2996) Good Fine+ ___ £55.00
Henry VIII Halfpenny (c.1547-1551) Spink 2426, Posthumous Issue - London, Some clear detail. (HHC3302) Tudor Coin Good Fine ___ £35.00
Henry VIII Penny (c.1530AD) Spink 2354, Sovereign Type, Durham Mint, Bishop Tunstall CD beside shield, Clear detail, edge nibbled. (HHC4399) Tudor Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £65.00
Henry VIII Groat (c.1526-1544AD) Spink 2337E, Laker Bust D, A lovely bold portrait and clear legends. Pierced. (HHC4565) Tudor Silver Coin Very Fine+ ___ £185.00
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