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Welcome to Halls Hammered Coins dealers in British Hammered coinage from Celtic through to Stuart (300BC-1662AD). With over 20 years experience in the field we aim to bring you fantastic coins to enhance your collection. We are also a proud member of the British Numismatic Trade Association.

We are constantly on the look out for additional stock so will gladly make offers on anything from a single coin to a complete collection of Hammered Coins.

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We are constantly adding new stock so check back when you can. Stock Last Added 8th August 2019

8th August 2019 - 3 New additions - Todays listings include Viking imitation of a Cnut penny, Henry VIII Halfgroat and a Irish Penny of King John.

1st August 2019 - 6 New additions - Todays listings include a lovely Wilton mint voided long cross of Henry III, ex Colchester Hoard. A Anglo-Saxon Penny of Aethelred II, a Charles I Aberystwyth Mint, a Commonwealth Halfgroat, a Norman Cut Halfpenny of Henry I and a Anglo-Gallic Demi-Gros of a king that never was Edward the Black Prince.

28th July 2019 - 6 New additions - Todays listings include a couple of Cnut pennies from Huntingdon mint, another Saxon penny in the form of a Aetherled II the unready. A rare Henry IV Halfpenny, Henry VIII Penny and a Charles I Shilling.

20th July 2019 - 8 New additions - Today's listings, Saxon Silver penny of King Cnut, a Norman PAXS Type penny of Henry I and a Stephen Cut Halfpenny. A scarce Edward II Durham Mint penny with lion and lis mint mark and some later small denominations.

12th July 2019 - 8 New additions - Today's listing include a very nice Wodan Head Sceatta, a Viking penny of St Edmund memorial type, a Henry I Penny - BMC 4 - Annulets & Piles Type. A nice Wilton mint penny of Henry II, an attractive Groat of Edward IV, a Rare Class 1A-1C Mule of Edward I, a Richmond Farthing of Charles I and a Queenhithe Dock Hoard coin.

6th July 2019 - 1 New additions - Listed a nice Gold Angel of Elizabeth I.

4th July 2019 - 9 New additions - Todays listings include a lovely Hammered Gold Quarter Ryal of Edward IV, a Scottish Penny of David II, a Irish Voided Long Cross Penny of Henry III, Commonwealth Penny, A rare mule of Henry VI and a couple of short cross pennies John and Henry II.

27th June 2019 - 9 New additions - Todays listings include a Scottish penny of John Baliol, a Henry V Halfgroat, 2 x Saxon Sceatta, Henry I Penny, Charles I Penny, Edward II Penny, Richards II Halfpenny.

14th June 2019 - 11 New additions - Todays listings include 6 Saxon Pennies of Cnut, Aethelred II and Edward the Confessor, some very high grade. A Norman Penny of William I and some later small denominations, Charles I Halfpenny, Charles II Twopence, Commonwealth Halfgroat and a Henry VIII Halfgroat.

13th May 2019 - 1 New addition - Todays listing is a English Civil War halfcrown of Charles I, minted in Oxford and dated 1643.

4th May 2019 - 5 New additions - Todays listings include some very rare coins. The rarest of the Henry I issue, BMC 8, a Harthacnut Cut Halfpenny of Axbridge Mint, a Stephen Cut half of Eastern Local Type. A Stephen Awbridge penny and a celtic potin.

27th April 2019 - 2 New additions - Todays listings include a Saxon Penny of Edward the Confessor and a Norman Penny of William the Conqueror.

23rd April 2019 - 33 New additions - Todays listings include a large selection or Roman Siver coins.

7th April 2019 - 17 New additions - Todays listings include a lovely high grade small flan penny of Edward the Confessor. Serveral high grade Roman Siver Coins, a Philip & Mary shilling. Some Commonwealth coins, some Edward III & Richard II Coins.

30th March 2019 - 13 New additions - Todays listings include a lovely high grade penny of Edward I Class 1c, some short cross and voided long cross pennies. Scottish and Irish coins, some Northumbrian Saxon Stycas, a Charles II Groat and some Tudor coins of Henry VIII.

24th March 2019 - 18 New additions - Todays listings include a Hammered Gold Quarter Noble of Henry VI, a Pattern Charles I Halfgroat plus more of this monarch. An Alexander III Penny, Charles II Penny, Commonwealth Halfgroat, a Berwick Penny of Edward I with annulet breast - very rare. Elizabeth I Pennies, Henry VI Penny and halfpenny, James I Penny, John penny of York and a very high grade Roman coin of Otacilia Severa.

16th March 2019 - 13 New additions - Todays listings include several Edward I, II and III coins, a Short Cross and Voided Long Cross, a Henry V Halfpenny and a Northumbrian Sceatta of Eadberht.

10th March 2019 - 8 New additions - A decent Charles I Halfcrown, a Charles II Shilling, some Edward I, III Pennies, couple of Voided Long cross of Henry III and a Edward IV Durham mint penny.

3rd March 2019 - 16 New additions - A few Saxon coins listed today, Coenwulf Penny, Cuthred Fragment, Saxon Sceatta and a Viking St Edmund Penny. Also 3 rare Henry VIII Testoons, some Voided Long Cross Pennies of Henry III. A lovely John penny minted at Ipswich and a Scottish Bawbee for Mary Queen of Scots. Including some others...

26th February 2019 - 18 New additions - A stunning Alexander III Penny, they don't come much better. A rare Augustus Roman Denarius, Celtic siver unit, several Scottish Billon Coins. A couple of Edward III Groats including a very nice Series F with Crown mintmark. Several Tudor coins including a Henry VIII Groat with a strong portrait. A Henry II Short cross - class 1a, Henry V & VI Halfpenny.

13th February 2019 - 10 New additions - A very rare Old Type Penny of Henry VII, a couple of James I coins, a Richard II Penny with a decent portrait. A Celtic silver unit of Epaticcus, some Edward I & Edward III Pennies, A Elizabeth I 3 Halfpence and a Commonwealth halfpenny.

Halls Hammered Coins Guarantee that All coins sold are genuine with a full refund if found otherwise.