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Welcome to Halls Hammered Coins dealers in British Hammered coinage from Celtic through to Stuart (300BC-1662AD). With over 20 years experience in the field we aim to bring you fantastic coins to enhance your collection. We are also a proud member of the British Numismatic Trade Association.

We are constantly on the look out for additional stock so will gladly make offers on anything from a single coin to a complete collection of Hammered Coins.

If you are looking to sell or trying to find something please email me at Simon@HallsHammeredCoins.com

Aethelred II Right Facing Small Cross Penny Henry I Type 6 Penny Henry I Tpe 13 Penny Huntington Mint

We are constantly adding new stock so check back when you can. Stock Last Added 31st May 2020

31st May 2020 - 13 New additions - Today's listings include a couple of Tudor coins of Henry VIII a Bristol penny and a very rare Testoon. A scarce Cross-Pellet issue Groat of Henry VI, several Edward I Kingston-upon-Hull mint pennies, a Celtic Gold Stater, a Richard III Halfpenny, a scarce Edward III Halfgroat with chainmail, a Briot milled issue Charles I shilling and a Commonwealth Halfgroat.

28th May 2020 - 8 New additions - Today's listings include a Saxon penny of Aethelred II, a lovely short cross penny of Henry II, a couple of Charles I coins, a James I Lennox farthing, some Tudor coins of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Elizabeth.

14th May 2020 - 26 New additions - Today's listings include a few Henry VIII coins and a Philip & Mary Penny. A decent James I Shilling, a Saxon penny of Aethelred II and one of Edward the confessor, some Celtic Potins, a few Edward II Pennies and some short cross coins of John and Henry II.

29th April 2020 - 10 New additions - Today's listings include some Charles I coins with a very rare Worcester Mint threepence. A Saxon penny of King Cnut, a couple of Henry VII Halfgroats, Archbishop Morton, Henry III Short Cross Penny, Edward I & II Penny and an Irish one.

9th April 2020 - 7 New additions - Some rare coins being listed today in New 09/04/20, a stunning Edward IV Gold Angel, a decent Eadred Penny, a Small flan Edward the Confessor penny, an Offa Halfppenny, James VI Thistle Merk and a rare Henry IV Halfpenny.

29th March 2020 - 10 New additions - Will be putting new listings in the "NEW - 29/03/20" tab. Today's include some nice Henry VI Groats & Halfgroats, some Commonwealth coins and a lovely short cross.

14th March 2020 - 21 New additions - Will be putting new listings in the "NEW - 14/03/20" tab in the list before transferring them to their proper pages. Today's include a lot of Irish.

8th March 2020 - 25 New additions - Will be putting new listings in the "NEW - 08/02/20" tab in the list before transferring them to their proper pages.

22nd February 2020 - 29 New additions - Lots of Scottish and Irish coins, a William the Conqueror penny minted in Ipswich, Saxon Penny of Edward the Confessor. Several Charles I coins including Halfcrowns and Briot milled plus some others.

14th February 2020 - 18 New additions - Today's listings include some high grade examples, the best Elizabeth I 3 Halfpence I have seen, a high grade Henry IV Halfpenny which is very rare. A stunning Henry VIII Sovereign penny and a decent Henry VIII Halfgroat. A couple of Anglo-Gallic coins, a nice Saxon Sceatta, another Henry IV Halfpenny, a Edward VI Portrait halfgroat (damaged which is a shame!). A couple of Saxon Pennies, Cnut & Aethelred II, a Edward IV Groat of Norwich Mint, a Charles I Threpence of the Welsh mint at Aberystwyth, some decent Commonwealth coins, plus others.

1st February 2020 - 3 New additions - A stunning high grade Irish halfpenny for John as he was lord of Ireland. A very nice Demi-gros of Edward the Black Prince, son of Edward III. And a Scottish Groat of Robert II.

29th January 2020 - 13 New additions - Todays listings include a Edward the Confessor Penny, a few Anglo-Saxon Sceatta's, a couple of Short Cross of Henry II some Commonwealth and a few others.

19th January 2020 - 11 New additions - A couple of coins added today, a lovely rare King John short cross penny and a Penny of Richard III.

12th January 2020 - 11 New additions - Today's listings include an Extremely Rare Henry VI York Mint Halfpenny only 3 known to Lessen. A high grade Saxon Sceatta, a couple of Scottish coins of Alexander III and some of the Commonwealth, Henry II, Elizabeth I, Charles I, Edward III and Roman.