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Edward IV Penny (c.1471-1483) Spink 2118, 2nd Reign, Durham, mm Rose, Crosses over crown. Larger flan than usual with good clear legends, portrait a little worn and a light crease. (HHC3107) Good Fine+ ___ £85.00
Edward IV Groat (c.1461-1464AD) Spink 1974, Heavy Coinage - Type III, London Mint, mm Rose, Quatrefoils by neck, eye in rev legend. Bold detail with an attractive dark tone. (HHC4415) Very Fine ___ £450.00
Edward IV Halfpenny (c.1471-1483AD) Spink 2137, 2nd Reign, Bold portrait, legend clipped. (HHC4836) Good Fine ___ £25.00
Edward IV Penny (c.1465-1470AD) Spink 2062, York Mint - Archbishop Neville, Local dies with G & Key by neck. Clear portrait and a dark tone. (HHC4999) Fine ___ £35.00
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