Henry V Halfpenny (c.1413-1422AD) Spink 1794, London Type C, Broken annulets by Crown, dark tone. (HHC5162)

Good Fine+
___ £55.00
Henry V Farthing (c.1413-1422AD) Spink 1798, London Type G, Clear detail in the main, some verdigris and edge damage. Rare. (HHC5394)

Good Fine+
___ £185.00
Henry V Groat (c.1413-1422AD) Spink 1765, London - Type C, mullet on right shoulder. Bold detail, portrait a little weak, with an attractive cabinet tone. (HHC5721)

Very Fine
___ £325.00
Henry V Groat (c.1413-1422AD) Spink 1762, Type B, London, Scowling bust. Good portrait and clear detail. (HHC5781)

Good Fine+
___ £350.00
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