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Edward III Penny (c.1351-1361) Contemporary imitation of a Edward III Pre-Treaty Penny, in good silver, nice portrait with a dark tone. Clipped. (HHC2679) Good Fine+ ___ £55.00
Gaucher de Chatillon Stirling (c.1313-1322AD) Yves Mint, Some wear with a patchy tone. (HHC4597) Continental imitation Good Fine ___ £65.00
Charles I 20 Pence Forgey (c.1637-1642AD) Contemporary Forgery of a Scottish Charles I 20 pence. Has a brassy colour. (HHC4886) Contemporary copy Good Fine+ ___ £65.00
Edward I Immitation Halfpenny (c.1279-1307AD) Continental imitation of a Edward I Halfpenny. Debased silver. Good detail. (HHC5495) Good Fine+ ___ £95.00
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