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Trinovantes Celtic Gold Stater (c.45-50BC) Late Whoddan Chase Type, Very bold detail from being well struck on a thick gold flan. (HHC2596) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine ___ £495.00
Catuvellauni Celtic Gold Stater (c.8-41AD) Spink 287, ABC 2789, Cunobelinus Plastic Type B, Corn ear without central stalk, Horse with pellet above and below. Possibly B in front of horse off flan but with 2 pallets is likely. Bold detail an attractive colour. (HHC3946) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine+ ___ £1295.00
Trinovantes Gold Quarter Stater (c.50BC) ABC 2350, Clacton de Jersey Type, Clear detail. (HHC4164) Celtic Gold Coin Good Fine+ ___ £385.00
Gallo-Belgic Gold Quarter Stater (c.200-100BC) Spink 10, ABC 43 - Uniface Tree Type, Bold detail on a elongated irregular flan. Showing a lot more detail than usual. (HHC4529) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine ___ £265.00
Celtic Base Gold Stater (c.40BC) Spink 37, ABC 2091, Savernake Forest Type, commonly debased type like this one. Bold detail, looks better in hand. (HHC4727) Iron Age Gold Coin Very Fine ___ £395.00
Ambiani Gold Stater (c.50BC-10BC) Spink 11, Gallo-Belgic E Type, Well centred with an attractive dark back ground bringing out the detail. (HHC5114) Celtic Gold Coin Very Fine ___ £450.00
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