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Henry III Voided Long Cross Penny (1247-1272) Class 3b, Spink 1363, Moneyer- Willem, Mint- Canterbury. Obv. Very Bold portrait with clear legend. Rev. Legend clear with very little wear. Large flan with old dark tone. (HHC1) SOLD ___ £40.00
Henry III Voided Long Cross Penny (1247-1272) Class 2b, Spink 1361, Moneyer- Nicole, Mint- London. Obv. Well centered with clear detail and minimal wear. Rev. Also well centered with clear legends. Attractive silver tone. SOLD ___ £40.00
Richard I Short Cross Penny (1189-1199) Spink 1347, Class 3, Moneyer Ricard at London Mint, has a good portrait and a dark tone. SOLD ___ £85.00
Henry VII Halfgroat (1485-1509) Spink 2211, Canterbury Mint, Facing Bust Issue, Some wear on portrait but most details visable, nice silver tone. (HHC97) SOLD ___ £45.00
James I Sixpence (Dated 1603) Spink 2647, 1st Coinage, 1st Bust, mm Thistle, Has a nice large flan and a dark tone. Some wear but lots of good detail (HHC289) SOLD ___ £90.00
Edward III Groat (1354-1355) Spink1572, York Mint, Pre-Treaty Period, Has a small flan with a worn portrait. Scarce mint which is clear on the reverse. SOLD ___ £35.00
Edward IV Groat (1477-1480) Spink 2098, Second Reign, London mint, mm Pierced Cross & Pellet, Some wear on portrait with some good detail. (HHC291) SOLD ___ £80.00
Edward VI Sixpence Reduced Price (1551-1553) Spink 2484, York Mint, Fine Issue, Rare Mint, mm Mullet, CIVI TAS EBORACI, A hard to find coin for this mint, most detail clear with some wear and marks, has a couple of small edge splits. (HHC333) SOLD ___ £175.00
Henry IV Halfpenny RARE COIN - (1412-1413) Light Coinage, Mint London, Spink 1737, Obv. Clear portrait with some wear. Rev. Very good detail with clear legends. It has an attractive dark tone and is on a full flan. Superb condition for such a rare coin. SOLD ___ £250.00
Edward III Halfgroat (1361-1369) Spink 1623, Calais Mint, Treaty Period, VERY RARE, Annulet on Breast, A great bust and nice flan with a silver tone. SOLD ___ £375.00
James I Sixpence (1605) 2nd Coinage, MM Lis, Spink 2657, Obv. A clear bold portrait with no signs of wear. Rev. All detail visible with slight weak area within the shield. An Attractive Hammered Silver coin with grey silver tone. SOLD ___ £100.00
Richard I Short Cross Penny (1189-1199) "Richard The Lionheart" Spink 1348A, Class 4a, Moneyer-Renavd(Reinald), Mint-Canterbury, Clear portrait with some wear on the high points. SOLD ___ £50.00
Elizabeth I Sixpence (1562) Spink 2596, Milled Issue, mm Star, Large Bust, elaborately decorated dress, small rose. (HHC293) SOLD ___ £100.00
Charles I Crown (Dated 1645) Spink 3062, Exeter Mint, mm Castle, A nice solid coin with good detail, has a small striking crack at 7 o'clock SOLD ___ £640.00
Gaucher of Chatillon Penny (1313-1322) Gaucher of Chatillon Sterling Flanders, Mint-Yves. Obv -GALCHS COMES PORC Rev- MON/ETN/OVA/YVE. Coin has a dark tone with a slight crease and crack but very stable. SOLD ___ £30.00
Philip & Mary Groat (1554-1558) Spink 2508, mm Lis, A very good portrait for issue and a nice silver tone. SOLD ___ £180.00
Edward IV Groat (1465-1466) Spink 2000, London, mm Sun, Quatrefoils at neck, has a nice flan with a good clear portrait. SOLD ___ £90.00
Edward IV Groat (1467-1470) Spink 2012, York Mint, mm Lis, E on breast, Die-Sinkers error on the EB of EBORACI, E over R, B over O. SOLD ___ £120.00
Elizabeth I ThreeHalfpence (Dated 1564) Spink 2569, mm Pheon, London mint, Some heavy wear but a reasonable coin of a not very common denomination. (HHC99) RESERVED SOLD ___ £25.00
Elizabeth I Groat (1560- 1561) Spink 2556, mm Cross Crosslet, 2nd issue, portrait worn but outline visable and clear legends. (HHC101) SOLD ___ £36.00
Charles I Halfpenny (1625-1649) Spink 2851, Rose each side with no legends, A nice tiny hammered silver coin at only 12mm in size. (HHC18) SOLD ___ £10.00
Charles I Halfpenny (1625-1649) Spink 2851, Rose each side with no legends, A nice tiny hammered silver coin at only 10mm in size. (HHC19) SOLD ___ £14.00
Edward II Penny (1307-1327) Class 11b, Spink 1456, Canterbury Mint, Clear class 11 crown with broken left ornament also very clear circular patch from late neck punch. SOLD ___ £30.00
Edward IV Penny (1471-1483) Spink 2125, 2nd Reign, York Mint, G & Key by bust, SOLD ___ £25.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1388, Class 3b, York Mint, A hard class to find with the 3b drapery clearly visible, some wear. (HHC104) SOLD ___ £34.00
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