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Stephen Penny Fragment (c.1135-1154AD) Spink 1295, Southern Varient, [+SA]MSON[ON ANT] - Moneyer Samson at Southampton Mint, Clear portrait on this large fragment. (HHC5121) Norman Silver Coin Good Fine+ ___ £85.00
Stephen Cut Halfpenny (c.1135-1154AD) Spink 1289, Eastern Local Type, Lincoln Mint, Clear detail with a dark tone. Very Rare. (HHC5323) Norman Silver Coin Very Fine ___ £265.00
Stephen Penny (c.1135-1154AD) Spink 1282, BMC 7 - Awbridge Type, A good portrait with a light tone. Edge knock, stable. (HHC5324) Norman Silver Coin Very Fine ___ £295.00
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