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Domitian Sestertius (c.81-96AD) Pax - Godess of peace holding olive branch & horn of plenty. Clear detail on a very large flan. (HHC4790) Large Roman Coin Good Fine+ ___ £65.00
Faustina Senior Sestertius (c.138-161AD) Wife of Antoninus Pius, Clementia (Political leniency) holding sacrificial dish & sceptre. Worn with some clear detail and a brown patina. (HHC4791) Large Roman Bronze Coin Fine ___ £45.00
Caracalla Denarius (c.210-213AD) RIC IV-214, Reverse Julia Demna on Curule Chair - INDVLG FECVNDAE, a stunning example with a bold portrait and of a bright silver. As struck choice example. (HHC5068) Roman Silver Coin EF ___ £120.00
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