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Mary Groat (1553-1554) Spink 2492, mm Pomergranate, Face is worn but has a lot of good clear detail. SOLD ___ £50.00
Edward III Groat (1354-1355) Spink 1567, Class E, V on rev has a nick in right limb, broken letters clearly visable with the same punch being used for the C in FRANC and the E in EDWARD, some wear on the portrait on a nice flan. SOLD ___ £75.00
Charles I Sixpence (1636-1638) Spink 2813, mm Tun, Tower Mint, Nice full flan with some good detail, some wear on high points. (HHC44) SOLD ___ £24.00
John Short Cross Penny (1199-1216) Spink 1352, Class 5c, +ABEL'ON'LVNDE, Abel at London, X in REX is St Andrews Cross, Detail is clear with some wear on one side of portrait, has a tiny edge split at 3 o'clock, coin is smaller than the usual short cross coinage SOLD ___ £35.00
Elizabeth I Sixpence (1590-1592) Spink 2578B, Sixth Issue, mm Hand, Bust 6C, Obv. Full flan, portrait worn with crown and bust visable. Rev. Some good detail, 2nd part of date worn but will be between 1590-1592. (HHC27) SOLD ___ £25.00
Edward I Penny Class 4a, London Mint, Spink 1394, Obv. Clear portrait with bold legends. Rev. Weak area over TAS but good detail elsewhere. Nicely toned Hammered coin. SOLD ___ £25.00
Edward IV Penny (1473-1478) Irish, Dublin Mint, Spink 6367, Mullets by crown, Obv. Great detail with no visable wear. Rev. Clear cross and pellets and end of mint name. High quality hammered silver coin, most coins of this reign where clipped. SOLD ___ £170.00
James VI Thirty Shillings (1605-1609) Scarce Scottish Hammered, Ninth Coinage, Spink 5504, Scottish arms in 1st & 4th quarter of shield. Obv. Some heavy wear on horse and rider but also some good detail. Rev. Shield clear, some of legend clipped. SOLD ___ £0.00
Elizabeth I Threepence (Dated 1572) mm Ermine, Spink 2566, 3rd & 4th Issue. Areas of heavy wear but main details still visable. Rose and date. (HHC31) SOLD ___ £18.00
Elizabeth I Threepence (Dated 1566) mm Portcullis, Spink 2565, 3rd & 4th Issue, Portrait worn but has some good clear detail. SOLD ___ £20.00
Edward IV Groat (1467-1468) Spink 2001, mm Crown/Sun, London Mint, Quatrefoils by neck and on chest, Well centered on a nice full flan. SOLD ___ £100.00
Henry I Penny (1125-1135) Spink 1276, BMC XV (type 15), Moneyer Alvric +ALPRICVS[ ON :PIN]C, Winchester Mint. An excellent example with a bright silver tone as struck with great eye appeal. Norman Coin SOLD ___ £400.00
Henry III Voided Long Cross Penny (1247-1272) Spink 1368, Class 5b, Moneyer-Nicole, Mint-London, Slightly off flan with most details visable. (HHC36) SOLD ___ £18.00
Henry III Voided Long Cross Penny (1247-1272) Spink 1363, Class 3b, Moneyer- Adam, Mint- Newcastle, Obv. Clear portrait and legends with weak area above crown. Rev. Bold legends with a weak area in one quarter. Slightly golden tone. (HHC37) SOLD ___ £25.00
Henry III Voided Long Cross Penny (1247-1272) Spink 1368, Class 5b, Moneyer- Willem, Mint- Canterbury, Obv. Centre of portrait worn, with detail clear elsewear. Rev. Some wear and small scratches. (HHC38) SOLD ___ £16.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1389, Class 3c, Mint- London, Obv. Face worn with small scratch, clear legends. Rev. Bold legends and clear detail with a nice full flan. SOLD ___ £20.00
Edward I Penny (1272-1307) Class 10cf1, Spink 1410, London Mint, Obv. Very nice portrait, some weak areas in legend but all legible. Rev. Nice detail with the same weak areas as obv. SOLD ___ £30.00
Elizabeth I Threepence (1572) Spink 2566, 3rd/4th Issue, mm Ermine, Has a nice tone and good detail. SOLD ___ £45.00
Henry II Short Cross Penny (1180-1189) Spink 1344, Class 1b, +RAVL'ON'LVNDE. Raul at London, Has a patchy tone it's well centered with some weak areas SOLD ___ £60.00
Edward IV Penny (1471-1483) Spink 2123, Durham Mint, D & V by neck with D in centre of reverse (HHC332) SOLD ___ £15.00
Edward I Penny (1272-1307) Class 9b1, Spink 1408, London Mint, Star on chest and large ornaments on crown. Large full flan with bright silver tone. (HHC49) SOLD ___ £22.00
Edward II Penny (1307-1327) Class 13, Spink 1459, Canterbury Mint, Nice bold portrait with some weak areas in legend. SOLD ___ £30.00
Edward I Penny (1272-1307) Class 10cf3, Spink 1412, London Mint, Clear legends with slight weak area on portrait. (HHC51) SOLD ___ £20.00
Henry VIII Halfgroat (1547-1551) Spink 2415, Posthumous Issue, Canterbury, No mm, Portrait is clear which is good for issue. Legends are weak. SOLD ___ £35.00
Elizabeth I Sixpence (Dated 1594) Spink 2578b, mm Tun, 6th Issue, Obv. Clear bold portrait and rose. Rev. Well centered with some weak areas. A nice silver toned Tudor hammered coin. (HHC53) SOLD ___ £48.00
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