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Henry VIII Halfgroat (1544-1547) Spink 2377, Third coinage, mm WS monogram, Bristol Mint, Obv. Great portrait for type and clear legends. Rev. Good clear detail. This is a superb hammered coin with a near perfect flan and nice silver tone looks better in the hand. SOLD ___ £85.00
Richard I Short Cross Penny (1189-1199) Spink1348C, Class 4b, Henri at London, +HENRI'ON'LVN, Has a dark tone with clear detail, on a small flan. SOLD ___ £75.00
Edward VI Shilling (1547-1553) Spink 2482, mm Tun, Very clear portrait and legends, an attractive hammered coin with a nice silver tone and a near perfect full flan. High Grade (33mm) SOLD ___ £220.00
Edward I Farthing (1272-1307) Spink 1445A, Class 3de, London Mint (Londoniensis), Obv. Clear bust to base of coin. Rev. Very bold and clear. A well centred coin with a nice even tone. (11mm) SOLD ___ £35.00
Commonwealth Halfgroat (1649-1660) Spink 3221, Has a nice flan with good detail. SOLD ___ £45.00
Edward VI Shilling (1551-1553) Spink 2482, Fine Silver Issue, mm Tun, Nice full flan with a decent portrait, has some small scuffs an scratches (HHC292) SOLD ___ £155.00
Henry VII Penny (1485-1509) "Sovereign" type penny, Spink 2236, York Mint, Archbishop Rotherham Keys below Shield on Rev. Very clear image of king on throne with a dark tone. SOLD ___ £30.00
Elizabeth I Penny (1580-1581) Spink 2575, London Mint, mm Latin Cross, 5th Issue, Slight wear on portrait, good clear legends. (HHC61) SOLD ___ £22.00
Richard I Short Cross Penny (1189-1199) Spink 1346, Class 2, +RAVL.ON.LVNDE, Raul at London Mint, Chin whiskers made up of small curls, has nice silver tone and good detail. A good example of this scarce issue. RESERVED SOLD ___ £85.00
Edward IV Halfpenny (1472-1473) Spink 2137, 2nd Reign, mm Annulet, London Mint, Has some good detail with wear in places. SOLD ___ £20.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1390, Class 3d, Lincoln Mint, Clear detail with wear on the high points. SOLD ___ £25.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1392, Mule Class 3f/3e, London Mint, A Mule showing egg waisted S on obv(3f) with a composit S on rev(3e). Coin shows the transition period for the new styled S. Has lots of good detail and dark tone, it does have some edge missing along the base. SOLD ___ £25.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1408, Class 9b, York Mint, Good portrait but has a weak area in legend, rev slightly off centre. No star on neck. (HHC68) SOLD ___ £24.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Class 3, York mint, weak area over drapery and start of mint. (HHC69) SOLD ___ £15.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1394, Class 4a, London Mint, Wide face and long hair, good detail with nice dark tone. Small edge missing. (HHC70) SOLD ___ £25.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1398, Class 4e, Canterbury Mint, A couple of bold areas but also has some very nice detail. (HHC71) SOLD ___ £24.00
John Short Cross Penny (1199-1216) Spink 1350B, Class 5a2*, Mint- London, Moneyer- Henri, Reversed S, Sceptre between E X of REX, cross pommee initial mark on rev. Excellent portrait and well centered, small edge split. SOLD ___ £80.00
CNUT Penny (1017-1023) Spink 1157, Quatrefoil type, Rev legend - +LEOFPINE ON EVE Mint- York, Moneyer- Leofpine. crowned bust left B.M.C VIII. Good Portrait and nice silver tone. Some marks and small cracks in flan only visable when held up against light - Solid coin - Saxon Coin SOLD ___ £200.00
Edward I Penny (1272-1278) Spink 1377, Voided Long Cross with name of hENRICVS, Ioh at Bury St Edmunds, Scarce, A nice clean coin with very good detail, reverse slightly off flan. SOLD ___ £90.00
James I Irish Shilling (1606-1607) Spink 6516, Harp coinage, mm Escallop, portrait worn but visable, harp is very clear. SOLD ___ £0.00
Alexander III Penny (1280-1286) Spink 5056, 2nd Coinage, Type E, 26 points on stars, Lettering with incurved uprights, Unbarred A's, Wedge Tailed R, A good strong portrait with a dark tone. SOLD ___ £80.00
Edward IV Groat (1464-1470) Spink 2012, 1st Reign, Light Coinage, 2.93g, type VIIa, York, mm Lis/Crown (scarce combination), quatrefoils by neck, E on breast, Saltire stops both sides, rev, CIV/ITAS/EBO/RACI - Provenance: Bt. Baldwin, Feb 1995, Frank Brady collection Oct 2011. SOLD ___ £200.00
Stephen Penny (1136-1145) Spink 1278, Stamford Mint, Moneyer Siward, +[ ]RD:ON:ST , B.M.C 1, Cross Moline "Watford" Type, has a great portrait which is also different to the standard coins. There is a small crack at 6 o'clock that goes up to the start of the bust, then followed by a small crease. But is very stable. Saxon Coin SOLD ___ £180.00
Edward I Penny (1279-1307) Spink 1429, Class 9b, York Archiepiscopal Mint, Star on neck, pot hook N, Quartrefoil in centre of rev. Some edge damage. SOLD ___ £20.00
Alexander III Penny (1250-1280) Spink 5043, 1st Issue (Long Cross & Stars), Type III (3), Moneyer Andrew at Roxburgh Mint, Has an Excellent Portrait one of the best I've seen for this issue. Nice silver tone. SOLD ___ £160.00
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